Sri. D. Bashkaran born on 25th February 1925, belonging to the unprivileged group of the society was a self-made man. From humble family background he rose to a position of eminence in the political and social fields.

A staunch disciple of Dr. Ambedkar, like his mentor, his mind was incredibly quick and supple, imaginative and restless. He had the very rare gift of being as brilliant and effective in practice as he was in theory.

It was these qualities together with his commitment to serve the society, which enabled him to work as Municipal Councillor continuously for 24 years. He was a thoughtful, enlightened Councillor, able conversationalist and public speaker, influential in the affairs of the Bangalore city. Because of these qualities and his dedication to duty, he was made Deputy Mayor of the Bangalore City, Member of BDA and Chairman of various committees in the council.

He devoted himself to removal of injustice and inequalities in the caste-ridden society. As Dr. Ambedkar felt, Sri D. Bashkaran also felt panacea for all the ills of society lies in educating people and particularly the downtrodden. With great struggle and sacrifice, he started one Technical Training Institute at Murphy Town in the year 1956, which imparted Technical Training to hundreds of people and realising the need for an Institution for collegiate education, particularly for downtrodden and weaker sections of the society, he started Dr. Ambedkar First Grade College. It is because of his untiring effort and dedicated work, today we have an impressive and magnificent building for this college.

A sudden and overwhelming tragedy fell on our college on 13th May 1984 when death with a violent hand, hastily snatched away from us our beloved founder Sri. D. Bashkaran.